Posted: 25 September, 2014

Meet Abby's Breakfast Fill-In

While Abby is on maternity leave Dr Nikki Goldstein will be joining Labby & Stav on the B105 breakfast show.

Nikki grew up on the Gold Coast and will be bunking on her brothers couch here in Brisbane.

A Sexologist, dating and relationship expert with a Psychology degree and previous experience as a counsellor Nikki has great credentials to bring insightful opinions to share with you.

In addition to hosting her “Naughty 640” segment on Labby, Stav & Abby you may have seen Nikki on Sunrise, Morning Show, the Late Edition or read her contributions in Cosmo, Cleo, Dolly or Maxim.

We're very excited to have Nikki join our team, bringing with her vibrant honesty and confidence.

Nikki starts on the show from October 7th and will be on air until the end of November.

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Meet Abby's New Addition To The Family

B105 is excited to share the news that this morning Abby gave birth.

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Posted: 24 September, 2014

Meet Abby's New Baby!

B105 is excited to share the news that this morning Abby gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.


Meet Jagger James who weighed 3.16kg and entered this world at 10:15am this morning, Wednesday September 24.

Abby and Jagger are doing well.

We congratulate Abby, husband Scott and son Finn on their new arrival to the family.

Check out the time when Abby told Finn that she was pregnant below.

Abby Shares Her BIG News With Finn Uploaded at 16 April, 2014 - 8:42AM

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Abby has some huge news to share with Finn...

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Posted: 26 August, 2014

Pack of Abby's

Last year Abby made a little step to a healthier lifestyle from being a "gunna" to a "doer" by finally completing the 10km Bridge to Brisbane. She vowed that she would run again this year, however a little person has made that impossible! Instead she, along with Labby and Stav will recruit a Pack of Abby's to run the race….dressed as Abby, complete with bright pink Lorna Jane singlets, blonde wigs! 

To prepare for race day, Stav and Labby will be taking some little steps to ensure they're ready and in shape for race day, and we've armed them each with a Fitbit to track their progress. 

Then on race day the Pack of Abby's, including Labby and Stav will have their Fitbits on so we can track how they're going along their journey and see exactly how the little steps can lead to a healthier lifestyle! 

If you want to join the Pack of Abby's, listen to B105's Labby Stav and Abby for the chance to win your place. 

All money raised by our 'Pack of Abby's' participating in the Bridge to Brisbane will of course go straight to the B105 Christmas Appeal.


Taking little steps to look after yourself? Medibank think you should be rewarded for them - Get flybuys points for being active everyday.

Terms and conditions



Labby and Stav are put through their paces in the lead up to Bridge to Brisbane. Did they make it? Check out the gallery for all the behind the scenes action...

As Labby and Stav prepare to run in this year's Bridge to Brisbane as part of Pack of Abby's, Abby enlisted in the help of last year's winner Steve Dineen to talk the guys through the big race



This Stav after his surprise training with Jharal Yow Yeh - how did he go? Check out the video!

Just how fit are Labby and Stav? The boys headed to CBJ The Health Club to see how fit or unfit they really are. The results surprised everyone!

Abby laid down the challenge to Labby of running with boobs. He donned the 14D sports bra and took off trying to beat Stav's practice run of under 31 mins. Did he (and the boobs) survive?

Abby wanted the boys to know what it's really like for her to run and enlisted of the help of plastic surgeon Dr Craig Layt ( so the boys would really get a feel for running with breasts.

Stav's confessed on numerous occasions he's not a great runner so Labby and Abby and our listener Vanessa set a challenge for him - if he can run 5km in 31 minutes, Vanessa will donate $100 to the Children's Hospital Foundation and Labby and Abby will buy him a carton of his favourite beer. Was it enough incentive to make him do it?

The boys did their first training session and things didn't quite go to plan!


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Posted: 28 July, 2014

Yasmin & Ryan's Wedding Wish

Abby receives a lot of emails via her Dear Abby segment but this one in particular struck a cord. Here's Ryan's original email and you'll see why:

Hi Abby,

 2 weeks ago my fiancé was diagnosed with a very rare Stage 3 cancer (Mature Teratoma with a malignant adenocarcinoma differentiation) after a grapefruit sized tumour was removed off her right lung through open heart surgery. As you can imagine, this has come as a large shock, and one we and our two children have not been prepared for.

Since the surgery, her nerves have been somehow damaged and coupled with her body's natural reaction to a major operation, sleeping has not really been something she can do. I'm beginning to lose count of the nights we are up together and I have to sit by helpless and watch her cry in pain. The hospital suggested we get her a hospital bed similar to the one she had while being treated at the Prince Charles but, now that we are down to only my income, this is seeming more and more like an impossibility as the large and unexpected bills continue to pop up as well. The doctors have booked her into Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and informed us of the standard side effects she will go through including full hair loss, a sunburnt throat, nausea, weight loss etc.

We have had to sit with our two sons Josiah (5yrs old) and Jazz (8yrs old) and explain to them what is happening. The oncologist says, without complication, she has a 70 to 75% of beating it if her body holds up, she doesn't get sick or get an infection. We have also been told 1 in 5 cancer patients going through this treatment don't make it. It has turned this all into a number game for someone's life and is quite depressing.

I am writing to tell you this because I am desperate. I want to marry this beautiful woman and mother to my sons now if there is a chance I may not be able to in six months but funds and know-how are two things I have little to none of. I've seen you guys do some amazing things for some awesome people and I know there are those out there in worse cases than this but I am asking because my partner deserves it, my children deserve it and I want nothing more than to see them smile. If there is anything you can do to help make this a reality, please, I will answer my phone at any hour.



Get to know Yasmin & Ryan better by taking a look at their journey in pictures: gallery here

We caught up with the newlyweds the morning after the wedding and this message is for you Brisbane!

If you missed A Current Affair's wedding coverage last night check out the link here: . If you're keen to help Yasmin and Ryan with their dream honeymoon to Disneyland, you can lend a hand here thanks to Flight Centre:

Wedding highlights! Our favourite moment's from Yasmin and Ryan's wedding...



THEY'RE MARRIED! Thanks so much to everyone involved in helping make Yasmin and Ryan's Wedding Wish come true. If you missed anything, hear their journey below...

Thanks to for making Yasmin and her bridal party look amazing for their big day!


While we can't reveal too many details before the ceremony and reception on Monday, we CAN reveal Sugar High Lolly Buffets have come on board to serve up sweet treats to the guests throughout the morning

We can't have the groomsmen looking shabby on the big say so HQ Male Grooming have come on board to make the boys look nicely polished for the pics (Yasmin says a massive thank you!)

What happens on the bucks and hen's nights stay on the bucks and hens nights? We don't think so! Yasmin and Ryan's hens and bucks night schenanigan's revealed!

Special thanks to B Unique Artistry - - and Project Glam for helping the mums of the bride and groom with their hair and make up as well! Project Glam also offers Hair extensions, individual eyelash extensions, spray tans and makeup for any occasion . Call Kira on 0497 839 077 to make an appointment. 


Not only have we been touched by the story of Yasmin & Ryan but so has the rest of Brisbane. With Yasmin sick in hospital, we played Ryan some messages this morning from people he may not have heard from in a while...

Thanks to for coming on board and giving Yasmin and her bridal party a pampering session before the big day. Nothing like a good nail session and a gossip to heal the soul!


Thanks to for decking out the Groom and his Groomsmen for the wedding! Labby and Abby went along to Ryan's fitting on Friday without Yasmin - will the bride be happy with their choice?

This morning we revealed where Ryan and his 'bucks' will be having their Bucks Night. We enlisted in the help of one very special person to help with the announcement!

Massive thanks to and for helping us out with the venues!


We met Yasmin and Ryan's two boys Jazz and JJ this morning and chatted to them about their biggest job - carrying the rings!

Thanks to A Current Affair, Flight Centre has come on board to help out Yasmin and Ryan with their honeymoon. We revealed to the couple how much as been raised so far. If you'd like to donate just click on the link in the story on the A Current Affair page (below).


If you missed Yasmin and Ryan's story on A Current Affair last night, check out the link here:

Abby took Yasmin and her bridal party dress shopping at Sensual Couture to find the perfect dresses and had yet another surprise to reveal thanks to Westfield Chermside


A lot of people have been following Yasmin and Ryan's story including Channel 9's A Current Affair - they're running a special story on the couple tonight (Tuesday August 5) from 7pm. Jenna from ACA joined us to reveal something very special

If you'd like to contribute to Yasmin & Ryan's Weddiing Wish, simply click the link below:

Thanks so much to Hillstone St Lucia for coming on board and helping us out with our Hen's Party AND the amazingly hot Butlers In The Buff for waiting on Yasmin and her ladies!



Whilst Yasmin was in hosptial undergoing treatment we had a surprise for her Maid of Honour Big Mama which she had to 'unwrap' to reveal where the Hen's Party will be held!

We caught up with the Best Man Gareth and Maid of Honour Big Mama to see how they're coping with everything that's going on with Yasmin and Ryan

After putting the call out to Brisbane to help out with Yasmin and Ryan's wedding we were inundated and overwhelmed by the response! Some of our amazing listeners are helping us out: are sorting the couple out with wedding bath robes are making the wedding cake will be taking the photos and donating the wedding album

And the guys from Naughty But Nice in Capalaba and Cannon Hill are helping out with some goodies for the bucks and hens nights! 

Yasmin and Ryan came in to share some heartbreaking news that might derail their wedding plans...

The amazing folks at Wallace Bishop also came on board to generally donate Yasmin's engagement ring plus the couple's wedding rings


The mum's have given the wedding their seal of approval, now it was was to reveal the wedding venue! Yasmin and Ryan’s Wedding Wish is going to take place at the beautiful Gambaro Hotel and Function Centre




With the wedding going ahead, it was time to call the mums! Hear Yasmin and Ryan break the news to their Heather and Janine here:



We asked Ryan and Yasmin to come into our studios here at B105 under the guise of raising awareness of Yasmin's condition. Little did the they know, we had something bigger planned! Hear the audio here: 

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Posted: 31 March, 2014

Abby’s Self Esteem Team

The average Australian women learn to like her body at the age of 45! I read this survey result a few months ago in Marie Clare magazine and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I’ve lived a very blessed life and achieved a lot – or so I’m told. The issue is, I’ve never believed it. I find it hard to truly appreciate anything I have accomplished in other people’s eyes because to me it isn’t enough. For eight years I was bulimic and abused prescription and illegal drugs. My life carried on but at the forefront of my thoughts were what I was going to eat, what I was not going to eat, how much I would exercise, how I was going to purge without anyone noticing and how I would get my hands on more drugs to suppress my appetite. My period stopped, my tooth enamel was eaten away by the acidity of throwing up so much and it also made my voice permanently horse. My skin was horrible, my weight fluctuated up and down by 20kg and I would only attract bad relationships. Besides counsellors, I never admitted to anyone that I had an issue, of course my family knew but for those eight years I lived through two different personalities – the confident and happy one I would show and then the deeply lonely and depressed one I would feel inside. I still get emotional thinking about how incredibly low and out of control I got.

At my lowest point a friend said to me “if you had the confidence… what would you do?” The question floored me as I never realised my obsession with my weight and consequent eating disorder and inability to find my life’s path was because I didn’t value myself. After many years of therapy and meeting a man who truly loved me for who I was (yep I married that Scotty too Hotty) I could finally talk about my issues and perhaps I’ve even gone the other way and overshare but I make no apologies for that. I don’t expect everyone to be able to relate but I think if sharing my story can help other ladies not waste years hating themselves, then I didn’t waste those eight years of my life. I still have insecurities and am plagued by thoughts of not being good enough but I’m working on it and know that these thoughts take a back seat to the love I get from my husband and son.

When I shared my story on-air and launched my Self Esteem Team I was incredibly nervous and unsure ladies would want to be a part of it. When the entries started coming in I was so excited about the amount of interest but that excitement very quickly turned to sadness realising how many of us aren’t happy within ourselves. Every story I read was unique, from body issues, money woes, domestic violence, bad relationships, job concerns, depression, anxiety and family troubles. The one thing that was underlining every entry, was the lack of self-confidence every lady had which was stopping them fighting these issues. 

This weekend my Self Esteem Team is going away to the five star Spicers Retreats where we will work with life coaches, fitness professionals, finance gurus, relationship experts and whilst it won’t change people’s lives overnight I hope it will empower us to improve our futures.

From the bottom of my heart thank you to every one of you who entered, I was often in tears reading your stories and I wish I could take all of you (wouldn’t that freak out the men of Brisbane if we had a giant female workshop of that size :) ) but unfortunately that isn’t possible. However over the next couple of weeks there are going to be ways in which you can be involved and we will be sharing the things we have learnt on-air as well as the lectures from the professionals right here on this blog. I hope you will be involved and stay tuned for how you can submit your empower pledge so we can get  some girl power back in our lives something that has clearly been missing since the Spicegirls

Love Abby xx

We would love to thank each and everyone for helping us put the Self Esteem Team together and encourage others to being their own journey.  If you'd like to get in touch with any of the speakers we chatted to throughout the Self Esteem Team, please click the links below:

Julie Rogan from Career Discovery - Julie joined us on our Self Esteem Team retreat and gave us valuable information on the dos and don'ts of trying to get your dream job:

Val Holden from Relationships Australia - Val also joined us on retreat and taught us the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves:

Louise Agnew from Lyfe Academy - Lousie joined us via Skype on our retreat and shared her extensive finance knowledge:

Wyomie Robertson from Transform Life Coaching - Wyomie gave us the all important advice on talking to ourselves like we would a child. Wyomie works extensively with self esteem issues and can be contacted here: Wyomie has even created a work book based on the work covered at our Self Esteem Team retreat. You can purchase this here:

Sharny Kieser aka Fit Mum - Sharny gave us some 'tough love' which was really common sense to get our butts into gear and be good to our bodies! Contact Sharny here:

We take a look back at our Self Esteem Team's journey...

Thanks so much for everyone who particpated in Abby's Self Esteem Team! Last night's dinner at The Regatta was the perfect way to catch up and cement everyone as friends for life #empowerpledge. Click here for pics!

To celebrate how far the Self Esteem Team had come since they first started, Abby took the team out to dinner at The Regatta and shared something she'd be battling with for a while. It's not what you expected...

We invited our Sexy Psychic Ira along to our final Self Esteem Team dinner at The Regatta where our members received 5 minutes one on one time. Team member Ebonie had an inkling of where her life was going but didn't expect Ira to say the things he said and he left her a bit stunned.

Contact Ira our Sexy Psychic here:

Think you're the only person with self esteem issues? Think again. We caught up with pop songstress Ricki-Lee and she revealed exactly what she's been going through.

Grab Ricki-Lee's EP All We Need Is Love now on iTunes:

When we were going through the registrations for Abby's Self Esteem Team we noticed a common theme and sadly that is a lot of people out there are suffering from depression. We thought we'd ask Brett from Beyond Blue some advice on how to deal with depression and what we can do if someone we know is suffering from it.

If you feel like your suffering from depression or know someone who is please contact Beyond Blue:

Health and well being play a big part in self esteem so Abby organised a massive open air yoga session thanks to our friends at Goodlife Health Clubs. Click here to check out the gallery!

Whoever makes these Dove ads really knows women. We’ve seen them do the sketch test and the photoshop reveals, this time they give out a beauty patch which claims to make women see themselves in a different light – wait til you see when they find out what’s in the patch!

Sharny Kieser aka Fit Mum has made headlines again about mum's getting back to their bikini bodies. What she really means is exactly why she we asked her to be a speaker for our Self Esteem Team...

We spotted this video on Buzz Feed and just had to share it... Really fits in with what our Self Esteem Team is all about.

We asked people to look in a mirror and describe what they saw. What they didn't know was that there were strangers on the other side of the mirror, giving their first impressions.

Abby took her Self Esteem Team to Westfield Carindale for a mini makeover session. Stylists Kellie and Annabel (with help from Claire at Style Magazines) gave insight into dressing for your bodyshape whilst Kelly and Miranda from Stefan gave hair and makeup tips...

Click here to see the transformations!

Find out how to book a Personal Styling Session at or visit Westfield Carindale Concierge

To get great hair and make up tips visit

During the Self Esteem Team retreat we were taught you don't need to rely on other people for your self esteem. Self Esteem Team member Jessy found out through a letter from her partner Ashley that she's judging herself way too harshly...

Self Esteem Team member Emily sat next to Abby whilst on retreat, Abby recognised some traits in Emily that reminded her of herself back when she suffered with an eating disorder. Abby chatted with Emily one on one to find out where she was at...

One part of self esteem is Body Image. We enlisted in the help of Sarah Spence from The Butterfly Foundation to explain the term 'disordered eating' and what could lead to an eating disorder and tips for loved ones on how to help in these situations...

You can contact The Butterfly Foundation here:

We saw this video and had to share (it's an oldie but a goodie): 

Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see. 

And don't forget: YOU are more beautiful than you think!

A little message from our good friends at Goodlife Health Clubs!

Exercise is a great self-esteem booster, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to do it on your own. Working out with a friend is the perfect solution - they provide support, competition, companionship, and they also come in pretty handy as a spotter, too!  

Goodlife Health Clubs is offering a free 14 day membership pass for you and a friend, plus a free 2 Week Feel Good Challenge eBook with recipes, workout ideas and positive affirmations to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Click here for more details:

Abby teaches Labby and Stav how to do Fit Mum Sharny Kieser's ( WOW dance! Do this every time something awesome happens to you!

Fit Mum Sharny Kieser ( has an incredible story - she lost 24kg in 8 weeks after the birth of her fourth child all because she believed in herself that she could do it! She explained to Abby's Self Esteem team the tools she used and how she's integrated them into every aspect of her life...

Fit Mum Sharny Kieser ( asks Abby's Self Esteem Team to identity the non player characters in your life and remove them. What they think of you is none of your business.

Fit Mum Sharny Kieser ( teaches Abby's Self Esteem Team that there are no excuses and you are 100% responsible for the problems in your life.

Fit Mum Sharny Kieser ( takes Abby's Self Esteem Team through how to make positive changes to your every day life and how to do the WOW dance!

Fit Mum Sharny Kieser ( at Abby's Self Esteem Team retreat tells us how to change our thinking to believe that anything is possible and that you are the only one stopping you from achieving.

Meet Self Esteem Team member Ebonie. She's gone through a tough time with her hubby and had no idea he'd written her a letter for us to read to her whilst she was away on retreat. Hear how Ebonie reacted to his words here...

Life coach Wyomie Robertson from tells us that there are people in our lives who bring us down and stop us from achieving everything we want in life... it's time for them to go!

Wyomie Robertson from takes us through why we suffer low self-esteem and traces where it might have started for you...

Wyomie from spoke to Abby's Self Esteem Team about loving ourselves and changing our inner dialogue to stop beating ourselves up and start giving ourselves a break...

Been thinking about taking part in a 12 Week Challenge? Our friends at Goodlife can help you out!


NZ songstress Lorde posted on Twitter last week two pictures of herself - one that had been photoshopped (showing perfect skin) and one that had not (showing how she looks everyday). She tagged the post 'remember, flaws are ok'. It's a great message for ladies out there and we asked her about it...

We've had such an overwhelming response to Abby's Self Esteem Team that we had to share some of the emails we've been getting off air...

One part of Self Esteem deals with careers and who better to talk about it than local business woman Sarina Russo. She shares her thoughts on what women need to do to get ahead in whatever industry they're in.

You can contact Sarina Russo here:

Some advice from our good friends from Goodlife Health Clubs on heading to your first group fitness class:

It’s something none of us like to talk about but it’s so important – our finances. Today Abby’s Self Esteem team took us into our bank accounts with finance guru Michelle Hutchinson and found them choc full of credit card debt. Here are some tips on how to get your finances sorted.

You can contact Michelle here:

When Abby was putting together her Self-Esteem Team she wanted it to be more than just how we see ourselves in the mirror. So she invited Dr Nikki Goldstein, who is a sex therapist and relationships expert, to talk to us about why we go back to the same bad relationships over and over again. She gives great advice!

You can contact Dr Nikki Goldstein here:

Paralympic swimmer Karni Liddell joined the discussion with Abby’s Self Esteem Team on how being in a wheelchair affects more than your ability to get around. She told us how hard it is to be on the dating scene when guys find out she’s disabled and why saying “I just want a healthy baby” can be offensive without you realising.

You can contact Karni here:

One of the areas that Abby wants to focus on as she recruits her self-esteem team, is BODY IMAGE.

As we go through struggles in life we often forget that it not only affects us but the people around us. After Abby let us in on her troubled past, including her struggle with prescription drugs and an eating disorder, Labby caught up with Abby’s mum Bev to find out the pressure having her daughter move back him right in the middle of her lowest point. *note keep the tissues close by!

Nikohl is a former member of Abby’s diet tribe, a team who set out to support each other and lose weight. 2 years later and Nikohl is over 10 kilos lighter and so much more confident in her own skin that it has allowed her to be more open and pursue opportunities that she never thought possible. Here how being a part of the diet tribe experience changed Nikohl’s life. 

Hayley Hasslehoff – yes the daughter of the famous Hoff himself – has been in Australia representing plus size models (apparently a size 14 is plus size in model world), so we caught up with the Hoff-spring to see where she stands on how not being thin can affect a woman’s self-esteem.

At some point in our lives, most of us lack confidence and go through an unhappy time but Abby wants to help the people of Brisbane feel empowered in all parts of their life with her Self Esteem Team.

If you are extremely critical of yourself, use negative words to describe your relationships, doubt your ability in your career or struggling with financial trouble then join Abby to replace unhelpful thoughts and behaviours with healthier ones.

These chronic problems can be demoralising and lead to self-esteem issues which Abby, with the help of professional advice, want to change!

Just the audio here:

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Posted: 2 August, 2013

Abby's Gunnas And The Bridge To Brisbane!

Abby's Gunnas And The Bridge To Brisbane!

Stav told Abby that he'd give her 3k if she runs the Bridge to Brisbane this year... he should think before he speaks because despite being a 'gunna' (as in I'm gunna do that but never do it)..

But more fool him! Abby has decided to not only do it but get together a team of fellow gunnas and run the 10k course to raise money for Beyond Blue. 

Stav's worked his butt off in the local community to earn the money and now Abby's gearing up for the event. Will she make it? 

Do you want to donate to the cause? Click here!

See her photos here!

See more: Abby, Labby Stav &Abby


Stav Takes On The Force At Corporate Box Gym! Uploaded at 2 August, 2013 - 2:52PM

See more: Stav, Labby Stav & Abby, Abby's Gunnas, Boxing

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Stav Takes On The Force At Corporate Box Gym!

Stav Raises Money For Abby's Gunnas!

See more: Labby Stav &Abby, Stav, Work, Fish, Ice Cream, Boxing

Stav had to face the elements when he worked at chilly Baskin Robbins to help raise money for Beyond Blue. Uploaded at 2 August, 2013 - 6:51AM

See more: Baskin Robbins, Ice Cream, Abby's Gunnas, Beyond Blue

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Stav had to face the elements when he worked at chilly Baskin Robbins to help raise money for Beyond Blue.

Stav Works At the Fish Factory! Uploaded at 31 July, 2013 - 4:10PM

See more: Stav, Labby Stav & Abby

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Stav had to put his money where his mouth was when he suggest Abby was a "gunna". Big thanks to The Fish Factory, Morningside who donated a massive $1000 to Beyond Blue!

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Posted: 22 July, 2013

WE DID IT! Mal Statue Approved.

Mal Meninga Statue Slated For Suncorp!

Thanks to all your fantastic support it's been confirmed there will soon be a statue of Mal Meninga at Suncorp!


Our Mal Meninga "Malequin" meets the people of Brisbane!

See more: Labby, Stav, Abby, Claire, Minnie, Brisbane

Labby, Stav and Abby React To The Malequin! Uploaded at 26 July, 2013 - 9:07AM

See more: State Of Origin, Mal Meninga

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Labby, Stav and Abby React To The Malequin!


Want to see a Mal Meninga Statue at Suncorp? So do we!


Recently Labby Stav and Abby spoke to Inala local Jim Horsfall about his campaign to have a statue of  rugby league legend and State of Origin coach Mal Meninga erected at Suncorp Stadium.

All Queenslanders are so proud of the achievements of the record breaking State Of Origin Team and it's thanks to this talented and hard-working man that they continue to make us proud. 

Jim, along with support from Annastacia Palaszczuk leader of the opposition for Queensland and member for Inala, thinks it’s time the legend joined the ranks of Wally Lewis, Artie Beetson and Darren Lockye, who all have statues at the stadium.


Thanks to our sponsors:

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Posted: 21 June, 2013

Stav Joins The #LeaveMalAlone Campaign!

WATCH: His heartfelt plea!

Have you joined the #LeaveMalAlone campaign yet? 

Stav certainly has... check out his plea to back off our man as Origin game 2 approaches!!

If you want to join the campaign, tweet a message and include the hastag #LeaveMalAlone

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Posted: 20 June, 2013

Queer Eye With That Labby Guy: Ty

Watch as scruff Ty gets one hell of a makeover!

Queer Eye With That Labby Guy: Ty Uploaded at 20 June, 2013 - 8:00AM

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Watch as Ty gets one hell of a makeover

Queer Eye For That Labby Guy: Ty

See more: Labby Stav & Abby, Queer Eye, Makeover

Hair by Oscar Oscar Westfield Carindale.

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Posted: 7 June, 2013

8 Things To Do When It Rains On A Long Weekend

Is anyone else really PO'd that the weather is crappy AGAIN on a long weekend!?

Since long walks on the beach and outdoor sports are off the cards, here's 8 things you CAN do in Brisbane when it's raining.

1. Head along to GOMA and check out the Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew exhibition.

It's interactive art created especially for children and families by Indigenous Australian artist Gordon Hookey. Lots of hands-on and multimedia activities and the best part, it's FREE!

2. Go to the movies.

A bunch of awesome movies have hit the cinemas in the last week. Rug up and head off to your local cinema to catch The Great Gatsby, The Hangover Part III, Fast & Furious 6 or Epic if you're with the kids!

3. Get over to the Brisbane Powerhouse and check out theWorld Press Photo exhibition.

Considered the world's most prestigious annual exhibition of photojournalism, it really is a must-see and, it's FREE!

4. Indoor Iceskating.

After something that'll wear the kids out a little more? Why not take them Iceskating at Iceworld in Acacia Ridge or Boondall? It's only $18 per adult and $16 per child for an all day skate on Sunday!

5. Go bowling!

If you lack the coordination to Iceskate, what about Bowling? AMF bowling have alleys at Kedron, Cannon Hill, Mt Gravatt, Richlands and Capalaba. Take advantage of they're Queen's Birthday special at 8 bucks per game all weekend!

6. Snuggle up and watch old movies.

Don't feel like bracing the cold at all? Why not go and grab a bunch of those movies "you have to see before you die." Forest Gump, The Lion King, Gone With The Wind etc. Get on Google and write yourself a list! It's the perfect weekend for it!

7. Boardgames! 

I don't know about you but there's nothing my family love more than a good ol' fashioned board game. Monopoly, Rummicub and UNO are some of my fags (despite the fact my pop has found a way to cheat at all of them!) and most of them can go on for hours! Hot tip: Next time you're at a department store, grab yourself Cranium. Best. Game. Ever.

8. Head to Jubilee Sunday Sessions.

By the time Sunday comes around you may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever so why not head out for a Sunday Session at the Jubilee Hotel?

Jubilee Hotel Sunday Sessions

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Posted: 6 June, 2013

Brisbane To The Rescue

Earlier this week, Labby Stav and Abby received the following letter from a lady called Edith:

Dear Labby, Stav and Abby,

As a mum of two I couldn't imagine anything worse than being told you don't have much time with your kids but that’s exactly what has happened to my gorgeous friend Sophie.

My best friend Sophie Oudney was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September last year. She’s 31 with 3 beautiful kids and is currently on her second round of chemo.

The cancer is starting to affect her body now so she’s had to begin taking morphine tablets - but through it all Sophie does not stop smiling and pushes through no matter what.

Sophie doesn’t know how long she has left. Her doctor feels she may not survive to see Christmas this year so she has now made a bucket list of things she’d like to do.

Despite everything going on with her, Sophie worries about the hurt her illness is causing everyone else and never asks for anything.

I would do anything for my friend and try to help her in every way to have some great memories with her children I believe everyone deserves this right but cancer has taken this away.

Please help me to help Sophie tick off some of the things on her bucket list B105 - Thank you Edith

Have a listen to what Labby, Stav and Abby, and some amazing Brisbane businesses are going to do for Sophie:

Special thanks to...

Hot Air Brisbane and breakfast at O’Reillys vineyard for the hot air balloon ride.

QT Gold Coast for the luxury Gold Coast accommodation.

Dreamworld Theme Park on the Gold Coast for the kids day out

People can also help with donations for Sophie’s medical bills and everyday expenses here

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